"2016-2017" Programs & Workshops

Registration opens at our May Meeting.
Non-members may register after 1 June for an additional $20 per workshop.

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September 6-8, 2016 - Rosi Robinson

Website: rosirobinson.com

2 1/2 day Workshop starting Tuesday - Painterly Batik - FULL - Please e-mail Sylvia Dresser to be placed on the waiting list

Cost: $127

(Supply List) [pdf file]

September, Lecture: Traditional and Contemporary Batik Fabrics - Rosi’s lecture will present traditional and contemporary batik fabrics from around the world, a variety of work from modern batik artists, and a selection of her own work.   

Bio: Rosi Robinson is an English batik artist who lectures and teaches throughout the world. Her batik pictures are principally figurative and look like water color paintings.  Working mainly on cotton, and occasionally paper, she applies washes of dyes, working from light to dark, capturing the detail under wax at each stage. 

Workshop Description: Her workshop, “Introducing a Painterly Approach to Batik,” will provide a variety of traditional and contemporary waxing techniques on cotton fabric and paper using hot liquid wax and fiber-reactive dyes.


October 18-20, 2016 - Laurie Swim

Website: www.laurieswim.com

2 1/2 day Workshop starting Tuesday - Exploring the Textural Landscape

Cost: $123

(Supply List) [pdf file]

October, Lecture: In her lecture, “The Joy of Quilting – A Retrospective,” Laurie shares the story behind her work, including her community led memorial art quilts.  The two and half day workshop, “Exploring the Textural Landscape,” will include several innovative methods of applique and different effects for creating landscapes.  You will develop samples for future reference and create a small landscape quilt.

Bio: Laurie Swim is an award winning Canadian textile artist whose work expresses the beauty of the world around us, while also commenting on our society and culture.  She crafts individual elements, assembles them, builds layers, and uses meticulous stitch work (machine or hand) to shade and punctuate each piece.

Workshop Description: Explore techniques I employ for achieving different effects for sewing creative landscapes including free motion machine embroidery and several innovative methods of appliqué. Suggestions for finishing will be covered as well. Participants will develop samples for future reference and create a small landscape featuring a Cape style house.

Kit will include hand dyed thread, cheesecloth, fabric for house structure plus additional classroom supplies to be shared such as 505 spray adhesive, tracing paper, freezer paper, plastic wrap, transfer paint, etc. supplied by me. 


November 15-17, 2016 - John Mullarkey

Website: malarkycrafts.com

2 1/2 day Workshop starting Tuesday - Basic Tablet Weaving to Double-Card Double-Turn Diagonals

Cost: $94

(Supply List) [pdf file]

November, Lecture: John will lecture on, “What To Do With Bands: A Review of All the Great Uses for Bands.” As a band weaver, he is often asked what he will do with all the bands he weaves – he lecture is his answer to that question. 

Bio: John Mullarkey is a weaver, spinner, and fiber artist, passionate about tablet weaving and spreading its virtues and possibilities.  His work has been displayed in museums and featured in international fashion shows. 

Workshop Description: During John’s two and a half day workshop you will learn to read and design tablet weaving drafts; and then weave a friendship bracelet.  As your skill and confidence grow, the workshop will focus on weaving diagonal patterns, using a circular warp setup.  This workshop is for those interested in learning how to tablet weave.  No previous tablet weaving experience is required. 


December - Holiday Party & Pot Luck lunch. Starts at 11am

There is an optional gift exchange.

This is also when we present our annual project.


January 3-5, 2017 - Mary Ray

Website: www.maryraydesigns.com

2 1/2 day Workshop starting Tuesday - A Creative Approach to Garment-Making

Cost: $115 - Deposit $58

(Supply List) [pdf file]

January, Lecture: Trunk Show of Award Winning Garments

Bio: Mary Ray, Craftsy.com teacher, adjunct instructor at Appalachian State University, and contributing editor at Threads Magazine will present a trunk show featuring a selection of garments and accessories that inspire and teach about fabric, design embellishment, and technique.  Mary will show her award winning pieces while relating stories of her creative life and travels along the way. 

Workshop Description: In the two and half day workshop, ‘A Creative Approach to Garment-Making,” you will make a jacket adapted to your personal style and body type, brush up on tried and true sewing techniques while finding ways to break the rules as well, make simple fitting adjustments, add distinctive details, and finish your jacket beautifully inside and out.


February 7-9, 2017 - Lisa Binkley

Website: lisabinkley.typepad.com

2 1/2 day Workshop starting Tuesday - Exploring Embellishment - FULL - Please e-mail Sylvia Dresser to be placed on the waiting list

Second workshop added due to popularity - February 21-23. There are still openings in both workshops.

Cost: $135 - Deposit $68

(Supply List) [pdf file]

February, Lecture: The focus of her lecture, “Bead Embellishment Design for Fiber Art,” is the wide variety of approaches fiber artists can take to planning and hand stitching bead embellishment designs for their artwork. 

Bio: Lisa Binkley exhibits her award-winning work nationwide.  She is well known to members of NSNG and is pleased to be returning to present to the Guild again. 

Workshop Description: Lisa’s two and half day workshop, “Exploring Embellishment,” will begin with a small printed fabric panel that is just begging to be embellished.  You will explore a variety of bead embroidery stiches, thread embroidery stitches and approaches to design while developing unique embellishment plans for a mini quilt or embellished panel.  Experienced beginners through advanced stitchers will find this a satisfying workshop. 


March 7-9, 2017 - Roz DeBoer

Website: roslyndeboer.com

2 1/2 day Workshop starting Tuesday - The Fabric of Nature and the Nature of Fabric

Cost: $102 - Deposit $51

(Supply List) [pdf file]

March, Lecture: Roz describes her textile journey from 2008 to the present in her lecture, “Confessions of a Fabric Manipulator: Texture as I Feel It.”

Bio: NSNG Member Roz DeBoer is a textile artist specializing in landscape art quilts.  Her artwork has traveled across the US and around the world.  From close-up pieces that show fine details to panoramic vistas, Roz’s art illustrates her passion to achieve the precise color and textural elements found in nature.   

Workshop Description: The workshop, “The Fabric of Nature and the Nature of Fabric,” is a two and a half day exploration of a variety of fabric manipulation techniques.  If you can sew a seam, wield a threaded needle and have a desire to play with fabric, fibers, and other materials, you have the skills for this class. Precision cutting and piecing are not necessary. 


April 4-6, 2017 - Ann Loveless

Website: www.quiltsbyann.com

Workshop - Tuesday (1/2 day workshop) - Spring Fabric Mosaic
: $22 - Deposit $11 (Supply List) [pdf file]

Workshop - Wednesday - Impressionistic Art Quilt; Either Poppies (Supply List) [pdf file] or Autumn Landscape (Supply List) [pdf file]
Cost: $44 - Deposit $22

Workshop - Thursday - Fabric Collage – Lake Scene
Cost: $44 - Deposit $22 (Supply List) [pdf file]

April, Lecture: Ann’s lecture, A Retrospective of My Art Quilts, will introduce her work and the different techniques that keep her work fresh and exciting. 

Bio: Ann Loveless creates art quilts capturing the beauty of Northern Michigan.

Ann is presenting three separate workshops.  You can sign up for any or all of the workshops as each one is a stand-alone event. 

Workshop Description: April 4 – ½ day workshop: “Spring Fabric Mosaic.” You will make a 4’ x 6” mosaic like art quilt involving fusible web and free-motion machine quilting. 

Workshop Description: April 5 – 1 day workshop: “Impressionistic Art Quilts.”  You will make a 14” x 18” art quilt by cutting and layering fabrics under polyester tulle and free-motion machine quilting.  Choose to make a design of poppies or an autumn landscape. 

Workshop Description: April 6 – 1 day workshop: “Fabric Collage – Lake Scene.”  Make a 10” x 14” art quilt using a raw edge applique technique, fusible web, free-motion machine quilting, and including non-traditional quilting fabrics such as linens, gauze, and sheers.


May 2-4, 2017 - Joni-Dee & David Ross

2 1/2 day Workshop starting Tuesday - Not Your Grandpa's Nantucket Baskets - FULL - Please e-mail Sylvia Dresser to be placed on the waiting list

Second workshop added due to popularity - 1/2 day on Tuesday, 2nd. Then full day on May 5th and 6th.

Cost: $207 - Deposit $104

(No supply list for this month as supplies are provided by the teachers)

May, Lecture: Their lecture will be “Nantucket Baskets: An American Tradition.”  Beginning on Nantucket Island, these baskets have a unique place in American history.  Tied to lighthouses and the whaling industry, Nantucket baskets have evolved to incorporate contemporary colors, patterns and designs.

Bio: Joni-Dee and David Ross are long time life partners and partners in Handmade North Carolina Baskets in Summerfield, North Carolina.  Joni-Dee designs the basket patterns and David produces the hardwood components for their business.   

Workshop Description: Workshop participants will be able to choose from a group of baskets and trays especially selected because they can be completed within the two and half day workshop.  Joni-Dee and David will provide hands on assistance and encouragement.




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