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September 1-3, 2015 - Stephen Pittelkow


2 1/2 day Workshop starting Tuesday - Marbled Box

Cost: Cost $71 + Supply fee $65. Total $136

Supply list: bring an apron and a heavy plastic dropcloth for table and floor surrounding your area. It is also recommended that you bring a fatigue mat as marbling is a standing activity.

September 1, Lecture and Demonstration: Historic and Contemporary Marbling on Paper
Marbling or cloud art as it was called by the Turks who invented it over 500 years ago has a fascinating history even as it continues today to be a magical method for making decorative paper and cloth.  Created as fine art for decoration or to embellish books, marbling has even even been used as a security measure for bank notes.  Our presenter, will show many examples of historical marbling as well as work by contemporary artists.  As part of the presentation, Steve will show the materials and tools used in marbling on paper and he will demonstrate several patterns while explaining the process.

Bio: Steve Pittelkow has been been marbling for over 30 years.  As an amateur book binder he sought to create beautiful papers for his own work.  His papers are known for their brilliant color and precise technique.  Steve teaches marbling extensively in book art centers, colleges, and universities both here and Europe.  He has taught at Penland, the Metropolitan, and the New York Center for Book Arts.  His papers appear in several museum collections including Chicago’s Newberry Library.

Workshop Description: The 2 1/2 day workshop will be a Marbled Box.  In this fast paced class, we’ll work in pairs to learn how to mix all the materials needed for marbling.  Students will practice the proper techniques for creating many patterns and how to continue marbling at home.  In the second part of the class, we’ll create a beautiful box in the French cartonnage style using your own papers.  Using bookbinding tools, each student will create an elegant box to adorn any space. 


October 6-8, 2015 - Julie Sanford

Website: juliesanforddesigns.com & studiojsd.com

2 & 1/2 day workshop starting Tuesday - Stone on Stone, Tab-Set, Bi-Metal Pendant

Cost: $63 + $70 supply fee. Total $133

(Supply List) [pdf file]

October 6, Lecture: Creative Design. Bring a sketchbook & pencil for note taking, illustrations and mini lessons.

Art educator, jewelry instructor and studio artist, Julie Sanford, presents Creative Design; a lecture and mini workshop to help the studio maker understand the dynamics of design fundamentals and how they relate to compelling compositions.

Julie will offer visual examples, comparisons and hands on exercises to help you understand the elements and principals of art, develop your perspective as an artist and give you the vocabulary and confidence to talk and write about your work.  Using these design fundamentals, along with your personal aesthetic, you will explore ways to create dynamic compositions in any medium.

Bio: Julie Sanford has been creating and exhibiting silver art jewelry in the West Michigan area for over 25 years. Her education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from Western Michigan University, studies at The Kalamazoo institute of Arts, Oxbow Summer Institute of the Chicago Institute of Arts and Kendall College of Art and Design and The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco.

Julie’s teaching experience includes teaching visual art in the classroom with an emphasis on curriculum integration, art history, ceramics and jewelry. Julie also has extensive experience leading jewelry related classes and workshops at national trade shows and conferences, technical schools, universities, private studios and galleries.   Julie and her work are often featured in books, articles, trade magazines, news media and gallery exhibits. She has won numerous awards for her work in Jewelry and was the Grand Prize Winner of the Jewelry Design Challenge sponsored by Rio Grande Jewelry Supply and Lark Books.

Along with a successful jewelry design business, Julie is also the director of Studio JSD, metalsmithing workshop, makerspace and gallery in Grand Haven Michigan, and serves as Vice President of The Michigan Silversmiths Guild.  Julie lives in Spring Lake, Michigan with her husband and two sons.

Workshop Description: Using simple principles of design and a free form cabochon stone, students will design a bi-metal, multi-layered pendant complete with tabs (prongs) to hold the stone and an incorporated bail to accommodate a chain or cord. You will create paper models to represent the layered components and use them as a template to cut metal sheet.  Students will learn to use a jeweler’s saw, drill a stone, make rivets, and bezel set a cabochon.

Professional hand finishing, mechanical finishing, patinas and design options will be explained and demonstrated. No torch will be used.

Students will have time to complete pieces in class and will leave with the confidence and skills to do this at home.


November 10, 2015 - Kat Wisniewski

Website: www.elementalartjewelry.com

1/2 day workshop on Tuesday - Bold and Byzantine Bracelet

Cost: $5 + $10 supply fee. Total $15

(Supply List) [pdf file]

November, Lecture: Selling Your Art Online - Have you been making art and wonder how to begin selling it? Or maybe you've been selling your art online, but with minimal success?  Then Kat’s lecture is for you!
She will cover so many topics including:
*pricing your art for profit
*selling on Etsy
*starting your own website
*professional packaging and shipping your art all over the world
*how to accept credit card payments online
*the secrets of great art photography on a budget

Bio: In 2005, Kat Wisniewski established Elemental Art Jewelry with the goal of bringing distinctive handmade wirework and chainmaille jewelry to both male and female clients.  Kat finds much of her inspiration from her love of the geometric design of everyday objects.  Her art is also affected with thoughts of the machinery in industrial and factory buildings, combined with her desire to create luscious textures with brilliant colors. 

Elemental Art Jewelry is primarily comprised of woven circular pieces of glass and metal, which Kat simply refers to as “glass chainmaille”.   As of 2014, she has published 16 projects, invented 20 weaving patterns, and has been teaching chainmaille and wirework for 10 years. Though based in Chicago,  Kat has become a nationally known expert in the field of chainmaille, and glass chainmaille designs.

She displays her work throughout the Chicagoland area at artisan shows and retail locations. Kat is also a member of The Artisan Group, a national and widely known celebrity gifting organization for handmade goods.

Workshop Description: In the afternoon, take advantage of Kat’s lively teaching style, and great demonstrations, and leave completely addicted to chain maille.

You will make a bracelet, Bold and Byzantine. Find out how to incorporate solid glass rings into chainmaille designs for a truly innovative look.  The pre-requisite is one chainmaille class or knowledge of one weave.


December - Holiday Party & Pot Luck lunch. Starts at 11am

There is an optional gift exchange.

This is also when we present our annual project.


January 5-7, 2016 - Jan Gerber

2 day workshop starting Wednesday 6 - Creating Electronic Textiles

Cost: $35 + $85 supply fee. Total $120

(Supply List) [pdf file]


January 5, Lecture: Conductivity and Creativity - "Conductivity and Creativity" will be an overview of innovation in electronic textiles with solutions from various disciplines.

Bio: As a textile artist and designer, Jan Gerber has taught, woven, dyed, spun, embroidered, sewn, knitted and quilted her way through life. She worked as an art teacher, a window designer, conference planner, and youth leader. While raising a family she operated her business, Perceptions Ltd., in which  she designed and produced custom- woven fabrics for interiors. Jan earned her BFA at the University of Illinois. Her continuing education includes many Guild workshops,  studies at the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Minnesota Split Rock and, Shakerag in Tennessee where she studied with Joanna Berzowska and Leah Buechley.

Her creation of the group "Women’s Journeys in Fiber" in 1998 has been a journey of discovery. Artists work individually and as a group on the same problem, sharing the creative process, and creating powerful works that connect their hands and voices. Jan's work reflects her interest in art, science, and connecting things and people.  Several of her pieces for that group have incorporated electronic solutions.

Workshop Description: You will focus on understanding circuits, tools and materials specific to e-textiles.  Your e-textile confidence will be increased by working on a selection of small projects that will allow you to incorporate electronic circuits into your own work.


February 2-4, 2016 - Akemi Cohn
Second Session added: February 11-12

Website: www.akemistudio.com

2 day workshop starting Wednesday - Indigo Shibori and Natural Dyes

Cost: $40 + $14 supply fee. Total $54

(Supply List-Revised Dec 2015) [pdf file]

Please also bring heavy plastic sheets and old newspapers

February 2, Lecture: Traces of Journey: Personal Expression Through Fiber - Akemi Cohn’s slide lecture will show the development of her art-making processes.  Her ideas and inspiration come from her natural environment including flowers, plants, and animals on urban prairie through her personal experience.  The flowers and plants provide natural dyes, the extraction and use of which will be demonstrated in the workshop.

Bio: Akemi Cohn was born in Yokohama, Japan, but currently lives in Chicago.  She studied traditional Japanese dyeing techniques, such as Shibori for ten years under the master dyer Haru Izumi  in Japan.  She received her MFA in Fiber Art from Cranbrook Academy of Art . Akemi has taught at  The Art Institute of Chicago,  Haystack, Penland, Arrowmont, Lillstreet Art Center, The Art Center in Highland Park, The International Design Conference, and Zijdelings (Netherlands). She has exhibited locally, nationally,  and internationally including the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, the Bellevue Arts Museum (Washington), University of Nebraska, and Gallery Uesuto (Japan).  Commissions include the Unitarian Church of Evanston, and the Loyola University Medical Center.

Akemi’s current work is focused on a process of memory by applying traditional Japanese rice paste resist and dying techniques.  She discovered that the process itself is a reflection of the idea of her work.  Natural dyes are used to remind us of the flora and fauna of our environment.  The flowers themselves may be gone, but the colors can be preserved by collecting flower petals and extracting dye materials and dyeing a fabric. The colors may not be exactly the same, but may remind us of their original source. The fabric then becomes a record of their presence.  Nothing stays the same.  Creatures in the natural world will disappear. Akemi would like to capture images of the ephemeral or transient moment in her work. This is her medium for recording and expressing her thoughts.

Workshop Description: The workshop Indigo Shibori and Natural Dyes explores natural dyes and the various shades of indigo blues with Shibori techniques. You will be presented with visual resources and samples, and some of the history of techniques.

Colors and designs will be developed by over-dyeing and use of mordant.  Techniques addressed will include stitching, pleating and binding methods, as well as soybean application  for cotton and linen.

You will achieve rich painterly shades on your fabrics using traditional techniques for contemporary original pieces.  Although indigo and natural dyeing have been applied to clothes and interior decorations for over 700 years in Japan, the harmoniously beautiful colors appear "contemporary" in our modern life style.   Shibori techniques include Nui Shibori (various stitching methods) and Itajime Shibori (pleating and binding). 


March 1-3, 2016 - Cynthia Boudreau

2 day workshop starting Wednesday - Creating a Felted Hat or Vessel, and Creating a Nuno Shawl

Cost: $31 + $85 supply fee. Total $116

(Supply List) [pdf file]

March 1, Lecture: Joyful Play with Wool and Silk - The lecture,“Joyful Play with Wool and Silk” will reveal the beauty of felting, shibori dying, and nuno felting.

Bio: Cynthia Boudreau is a fiber enthusiast who loves creating beautiful fabric using shibori dying and nuno felting techniques. Her work includes one of a kind clothing sewn from her own designs along with two and three dimensional art pieces created by felting. Her designs are often inspired by nature and travel. She holds degrees from Northern Illinois University, the University of Wisconsin and Loyola University. Her work has been shown in several Midwest area galleries and in Art Wear Fashion Shows.  She has won numerous awards which include Best in Show in 2012, and 2013 at the Uncommon Threads fashion show, The Dupage Art League has given her merit awards in the areas of both fashion and felted vessels.

Workshop Description: For the first day of the workshop,  “Creating a Felted Hat or Vessel” you will choose whether to create a cloche hat or vessel, working with a dry needle to achieve the desired shape, layers, and design.  Then, you’ll wet felt and create the form over a hat block or vase shaped form.  On the second day, “Creating a Nuno Shawl”, participants will design their own shape of shawl by creating a pattern.  The piece will be shibori dyed, and then nuno felted to complete a beautiful unique shawl.


April 5-7, 2016 - Rosalie Dace

Website: www.rosaliedace.co.za

2 day workshop starting Wednesday - Branching Out

Cost: $64.

(Supply List) [pdf file]

April 5, Lecture: Eye to Eye - In Rosalie”s lecture, “Eye to Eye”, you will find your own Inner Artist. Discover how artists' eyes interpret and present their work. A visual feast of paintings, drawings, and other works from celebrated artists including Klee, Kandinsky, Matisse, Klimt, Hunderwasser, and several old masters, shows us how we all use the same elements of design in our various works, be those paintings or traditional or contemporary quilts.

Bio: Rosalie Dace is passionate about design, color, pattern, and texture.  She enjoys looking at, feeling, and working with fabric and other textiles. She has a lifelong interest in textiles and embroidery, and a degree in English and Art.   Her home is in Durban, South Africa, and feels her home base informs her work, and her teaching style.   She is a full time quiltmaker who values traditional, while believing a quilt should say something about it’s time and place in history.   Her inclusion in the Houston International Quilt Festival, The Pacific Quilt Festival and other numerous exhibitions and galleries are only the beginning of her accomplishments.  She has won several awards including Best of Show at the South African Quilt Festival and travels around the world to teach.  She is a national quilt judge, and developed a training program for judges.  Her commitment to the needlearts and the global community has been demonstrated by her involvement in embroidery training programs for  Zulu women, and teaching patchwork and quilting to residents of a nursing home.

Workshop Description: In Rosalie’s 2 day workshop “Branching Out” you will discover the different shapes, patterns, lines, textures, colors and symbolism of trees while experimenting with design and composition. You’ll use various piecing and appliqué techniques to make a beautiful quilt top.  Some techniques covered will be foundation piecing, block making, and appliqué.  There will be a feast of visual inspiration as well as discussions on embroidery, quilting, and finishing.  Nature has crafted trees to give shelter, shade, food and inspiration for artists for centuries. So branch out and try something new by making a stunning, well-designed quilt top based on trees. 


May 3-5, 2016 - Carol Ann Waugh

Website: www.carolannwaugh.com

Wednesday 4, Workshop - Stupendous Stitching
Full - Please e-mail Sylvia Dresser to be placed on the waiting list

Cost: $33 + $15 supply fee. Total $48

(Supply List) [pdf file]

Thursday 5, Workshop - Self Portraits

Cost: $33 + $15 supply fee. Total $48

(Supply List) [pdf file]

May 3, Lecture: How Did I Get Here From There? - From a career in business consulting to full time studio fiber artist, Carol Ann’s lecture will be will about her 7 year journey sharing some lessons learned about moving from a left brain to right brain life. Besides showing the progression of her work from traditional to art quilts, Carol will also talk about being a professional artist and give you ideas about applying specific marketing and business tools that can help you achieve your own short and long term artistic goals.

Bio: Carol Ann Waugh’s fiber art has been juried and invited into more than 50 national and international exhibitions during the past 5 years.  She is the author of five books on quilt-making and fiber art.  Her newest one, Stupendous Stitching, was published in the Spring of 2012 and is now in its third printing.

Her art has been featured in many books and magazines including 500 Art Quilts, 1,000 Artisan Textiles, American Quilter, Quilter's Newsletter, SAQA Journal, Artscape Magazine, Quilting Arts, and more.  She has appeared as the featured artist on The Quilt Show, PBS's Quilting Arts, and other television specials. She teaches classes online at craftsy.com, extending her student population to more than 35,000 students from around the world

Workshop Description - Wednesday: In Stupendous Stitching, you  will make a piece of wall art.  You will be combining couching, hand embroidery and decorative machine stitching to help you create fabulous textures and colors on batik cotton fabric. This is the class you need to explore and use all those hundreds of  “decorative stitches”  included in your sewing machine.   You will also learn a new way to finish the edges of  your piece with rattail cord and learn the secrets of mounting your art so it will hang on your wall beautifully. You will leave this class with a finished masterpiece.

Workshop Description - Thursday: The self portrait workshop will teach you how to create a self-portrait in fabric. You will learn how to create a face and transfer that drawing to a pattern.   Select appropriate fabrics and construct a portrait that can be taken home for final finishing. No particular skills are required other than the ability to let loose your imagination and have fun. By the end of the day, you will have broken out of your barriers and will approach future compositions with a new found confidence and freedom to play, create, and be as original as you are — in your artwork and in life!




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