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Workshop Manners [pdf file]


April 14 -16, 2015 - Sherrill Kahn - Cancelled

April 14, Lecture: Colored Pencil Techniques

Website: www.impressmenow.com

2 ½ day Workshop starting Tuesday 14th at 1pm - Colored Pencil Techniques

Cost: $90 + $0 supply fee. Total $90

(Supply List) [pdf file]

Unfortunately this class has been cancelled. For those that signed up, you will be receiving a refund.

Bio: Sherrill is a retired art teacher, with 30 years’ experience in teaching drawing and painting. She has taught throughout the world, and has written seven books, about fifty magazine articles, produced a DVD and has six fabric lines.

She loves to teach more than anything.

Workshop Description: Open to total novices and more experienced alike

Sherrill will teach colored pencil techniques. She has spent thousands of hours doing colored pencil work and can see its use in every imaginable creative project.

Currently, colored pencils are being used on digital images, fabric quilts and wall hangings, in fine art, mixed media, and more.

On Tuesday afternoon, we will work on color theory – making hundreds of colors with just 3 pencils! After our techniques lesson, we will take a digital picture and layer colors on the picture. Next, we will use colored pencils, oil pastels and roll-up crayons to do rubbings on fabric.



May 5-7, 2015 - Catherine Lowe

Website: catherine-lowe.com

2 ½ day Workshop starting Tuesday 5th at 1pm: The Basic Techniques of Couture Knitting

Cost: $140 + $0 supply fee. Total $140
(Deposit $70)

(Supply List) [pdf file]

May 5, Lecture & Trunk Show: Couture Knitting - Catherine will discuss how couture dressmaking has inspired her knitting practice and explain how she has sought to translate its principles into hand-knitting techniques that change the look of one’s knitting.

Bio: Catherine Lowe is known for her original and unique construction techniques and her pairing of luxury fiber with elegant design. She has developed an approach to hand-knitting that rethinks the traditional technical and design vocabularies of the hand-knitter and translates the distinctive elements of haute couture dressmaking into refined techniques. Her designs and articles have appeared in Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, Knitting Lessons by Lela Nargi and in KnitKnit: Profiles + Projects from Knitting’s New Wave by Sabrina Gschwandtner. Her book, The Ravell’d Sleeve, is available from lulu.com.

Workshop Description: This workshop is a hands-on introduction to those techniques of couture knitting that are the foundation of Catherine Lowe’s signature approach to garment construction and finishing. Along with a discussion of what constitutes couture knitting and a presentation of the principles of line and fit that are the core of her design philosophy, Catherine will guide workshop participants as they learn the techniques, explore their application and discover how to adapt commercial patterns for their use. These techniques include the use of selvedges for garment construction, picking up and knitting down stitches, joinery for construction and as a design element, and couture finishes for garment edges. Knitters leave this workshop having acquired the skills to reproduce the distinctive construction and finishing that are the hallmark of couture knitting.

Requirements: Students should be comfortable with the following skills and techniques:
· understand the structure of knitted fabric; be able to identify rows and columns of stitches; and be able to locate the running threads in a piece of knitted fabric
· able to determine stitch and row gauge accurately
· aware of blocking wires and how they are used
· execute a knit long-tail cast-on
· knit and purl through the back loop of a stitch
· knit-up or pick up and knit stitches (same technique, different names)
· slip stitches, one or more at a time, through the front or back of the loop(s)
· work knit and purl open running thread increases
· work knit and purl raised and slip raised increases
· work k2tog and ssk decreases
· work knit and purl center double decreases
· work a yarnover from knit to knit, purl to purl, knit to purl, and purl to knit
· knit or purl into a yarnover without dropping the yarnover from the needle

Also please note that swatches must be knitted in advance of the class.


July 11, 2015 - 11am to 4pm - Summer Picnic

Mini-workshop: Zentangle

The annual picnic is held at our usual meeting place. The Guild will provide sandwiches. After lunch there will be a workshop for about an hour on Zentangle.




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